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Recipe Ideas with Seasonal Produce

I like enjoying and eating simple food that doesn’t require much preparation, tastes good and makes me feel great. Thankfully organic ingredients are delicious in their most simple form. Most of the time my meals don’t take much planning and involve whatever grabs my attention when I open the fridge or pantry which I always make sure is bursting with healthy food, then either chop, grate, steam, bake or roast, throw onto a plate or bowl and eat up. For many of the recipes I share, the ingredient quantities are up to you, depending on how many people you’re serving,...

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The True Costs of Conventional Farming

There are many things we can do to look after our bodies and the planet and I believe the simplest way we can make a positive impact is through the choices we make three times a day when we eat. Many think that going organic is expensive because they compare the end price at check out to the conventional shopping price tag. True organic produce is a completely different ‘product’ grown in healthy soil and conditions and without the harmful chemicals. You can usually see, smell and taste the difference too. We also don’t factor in the cost later to our wellbeing, the...

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Organic Leafy Greens Recipe Ideas

You may have already noticed I really love my green leafy vegetables! I never used to eat much green besides broccoli until I made the organic switch. Including them every day has made a great change in my health and I can really notice the difference when I don’t eat enough greens.  As well as the incredible nutritional benefits they are also a great source of fibre, which many people are lacking yet needing in their diets. As Miss Organic customer you receive the best quality greens and our shoppers are noticing the difference in our greens to those you...

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Inside Our Organic Mixed Boxes

At Miss Organic you can shop by the item for incredible organic produce however I really enjoy creating the seasonal boxes and know you'll enjoy shopping and eating this way too. You will have a fair idea about what’s on offer by looking at our seasonal produce list but here’s a little bit more about how the ingredients are selected and why the mixed boxes are the most popular way to shop at Miss Organic! QUALITY AND FRESHNESSThe best quality produce. All certified organic, from as close to the centre of Sydney as possible. The majority of your fruit and...

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Best Quality Produce and Customer Reviews

The majority of your produce is picked on Sunday and delivered to you on Monday, you don’t get much fresher than that! At Miss Organic, you’ll only receive produce from the best, most ethical growers. Everything is certified organic here. The food we eat is an integral contribution to our energy levels, performance, mood and long term health so makes sense to me that we consume the healthiest, freshest food free of pesticides and other harmful inputs. I do get quite excited about our greens and believe they are like no other organic retailer or home delivery service in Sydney (I’ve tried many). You’ll...

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