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Best Quality Produce and Customer Reviews

The majority of your produce is picked on Sunday and delivered to you on Monday, you don’t get much fresher than that! At Miss Organic, you’ll only receive produce from the best, most ethical growers. Everything is certified organic here. The food we eat is an integral contribution to our energy levels, performance, mood and long term health so makes sense to me that we consume the healthiest, freshest food free of pesticides and other harmful inputs. 

I do get quite excited about our greens and believe they are like no other organic retailer or home delivery service in Sydney (I’ve tried many). You’ll surely taste the difference and start to enjoy and crave them like we do! Our rocket definitely tops the charts, I've been known to munch through a bag of it while driving around town ;) also the sweet corn is one veggie you will taste a huge difference in flavour and freshness to those from other organic retailers. You'll also find that you receive a good quantity of leafy greens in your seasonal boxes. Other box delivery services will only deliver one bunch for the week but we know you need and want more!

Produce bites
Silverbeet and rainbow chard that you may have received in your seasonal boxes, (queen of the leafy greens) are so special and are packed with vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and fiber. They can be used just like you would enjoy spinach, use the stems too! I am confident in the premium quality that we receive from our local organic farmers! There's no need to buy organic greens from Victoria when we have the best available on our doorstep.

Persimmons have arrived and featured in some of the seasonal boxes. Leave these orange fruits out of the fridge to ripen, you'll love these sweet jelly fruits, one of my favourites. Please wait til they're gooey and soft before you take a bite or you'll definitely be turned off them! 

Cherry Guavas also known as strawberry guavas are sweet, tangy little bite size fruits with so many nutritious benefits and very addictive! These featured in the Raw Boxes this week. 

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Happy Shoppers

  • I’m really impressed with the quality of the order delivered today. Produce was exceptionally fresh, delivery was on time, the packaging is eco-friendly. My favourite was the purple kale- yuuuum! Thank you. It’s obvious you take your business very seriously and you have yourself a regular customer. Craig.
  • I love the produce. Good value compared to organic stores, this will probably last me two weeks because it’s so fresh. Love the greens and I already feel healthier. Nice, genuine delivery man too! Emma.
  • Just cooked my first Miss Organic delivered produce for dinner...the veg definitely tasted so much better than non organic but was also so much fresher than organic veg I’ve bought in stores! Looking forward to my next order/delivery. Caren.
  • I lost the inspiration to buy organic veg because it didn’t look or taste nice from the organic shop but this food tastes the best and is so fresh, it’s completely different! Joe.