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Celery Juice Touted The Health Saviour!

There has been some hype around the importance and benefits of drinking straight celery juice every morning by a self proclaimed health practitioner. I’ve been receiving a number of enquiries about this ‘new’ theory and how come we don’t have celery in the boxes right now.

I truly believe in the nutritional, healing and strengthening powers of organic fruits and vegetables. Eating the way I do has healed so many ailments and changed my life for the better over the past 11 years. I make a predominantly veggie based fresh juice on average every few weeks. There are many benefits to drinking celery juice however I believe there are many more benefits of eating fruit and veggies whole so you consume the important fibre too.

Whole organic veggies will impart health benefits and juicing will provide health benefits. I personally don’t believe celery is superior at all. It’s also super expensive to consume daily. You can drink celery juice every day and you will experience the associated benefits yet I feel it’s more beneficial to focus on improving your entire food intake and lifestyle not just one drink every morning but consuming a variety of IN SEASON whole foods as a way of life.

Organic celery juice will do all these great things for the body but an unhealthy, unsustainable lifestyle will negate all the benefits or alternatively create the problems that are making you require this daily juice even after healing ailments. Also, if this celery juice is being used medicinally then for medicine to work, we would not require consuming it every day, or it hasn’t healed the issue we were taking the medicine for. I’m sure many people touting the benefits of celery juice would also feel different and experience healing from any variety of organic juices or a heavy diet and lifestyle adjustment. I have consumed just apple, lemon, beet, carrot and green juices for three seven day periods and experienced a whole host of health changes but I feel it’s most important to address what we do every day before going on fasts, cleanses or electing one vegetable to drink every day. Let's stop detoxing and start living.

So where is this celery right now? For optimal health, we eat with the seasons. Certain foods are not available year round in abundance, although in Australia we have a bunch of different climates and some foods are around most of the time, produce like celery doesn’t grow or survive well during the hot weather. There is one farm in South Australia currently supplying all organic people in our region, its coming in at double the price and much smaller bunches. I’m all for eating with the seasons, eating what’s most local to our region and microclimate and if nature produces an abundance we generally eat more and I would rather share ingredients for their health benefits and the greater value you’ll receive in the boxes.

Whilst there’s no celery in the boxes at the moment, we do have loads of the incredible locally grown, organic bok choy. The vitamins and minerals delivered in bok choy just like celery contribute to and maintain bone health, are good for inflammation, immunity, heart health, blood pressure and a lot more. It’s a really great leafy green (I'm on three bunches a week at the moment :)) and much more versatile than celery anyway! Celery will be back when it cools down.

It’s important to enjoy a wide range of organic fruit and veggies even if you have favourites and focus on the bigger health picture. Look after yourself physically, mentally and emotionally. Eat whole foods over products, eat fresh and organic, exercise, be hydrated, sleep well, surround yourself with beauty. Live with passion and purpose! Level up! You are worth it xx