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Inside Our Organic Mixed Boxes

At Miss Organic you can shop by the item for incredible organic produce however I really enjoy creating the seasonal boxes and know you'll enjoy shopping and eating this way too. You will have a fair idea about what’s on offer by looking at our seasonal produce list but here’s a little bit more about how the ingredients are selected and why the mixed boxes are the most popular way to shop at Miss Organic!

The best quality produce. All certified organic, from as close to the centre of Sydney as possible. The majority of your fruit and veggies come from small, organic local farmers and are exclusive to Miss Organic in Sydney. All of our produce is certified organic all of the time. It’s always preferable to enjoy your food within the week but because it is so fresh however Miss O shoppers and I have noticed that it will last a lot longer when stored correctly.

Our seasonal mixed boxes are packed with leafy greens more than any other seasonal boxes we’ve tried in Sydney. This is so great for our health. You’ll love our greens too because they’re as fresh as you can get and tasty too. The rocket in this week’s boxes was even picked on Sunday night at 9pm by torchlight!

We have the greatest variety of ingredients in our boxes, This week’s boxes saw 22 different produce varieties in the smaller boxes and up to 30 in the larger ones. We vary the ingredients each week depending on the following factors:

1) What’s in season and tasting great on Monday morning. I make last minute decisions depending on the produce that arrives on Monday. This week I wasn’t happy with the nectarines so we replaced them with blood plums. There was no fresh corn so I chose celery for the Vitality boxes. I found out on Saturday night that Eden was picking his special tomatoes on Sunday so I wanted to include them in all of the boxes. This is why I prefer not to list the exact box ingredients because your food is still in the ground when you order and I won’t know the entire line up until Monday morning 3.30am. Remember you’re always welcome to request particular items and tell us what you don’t want in your box. The Seasonal List will give you an idea of the produce arriving this week. 

2) Previous week box contents. Dividing up produce has become a science for me, I’ve been preparing seasonal boxes since 2007 and it’s definitely my favourite task in running Miss Organic. They are strategically planned so you never have to say "oh not another ______ again!" You may receive a particular item two weeks in a row yet the quantities and varieties will vary. Two of many examples: apples are in peak season now so for week 1 the Energy boxes received four gala apples and in week 2, seven fuji apples. Week 1 the Vitality boxes did not receive pumpkin, week 2 they all got to enjoy the incredible ‘QLD Blue’ pumpkin that our farmer dropped off on Monday morning from Mangrove Mountain.

There are so many different produce items to enjoy and it’s impossible to fit them all into one box each week and as a weekly seasonal box shopper you’ll get into a rhythm and really look forward to the variety that arrives every Monday. The main objection by potential customers is that they’ve tried other seasonal box services before and they’ve become bored by the same foods turning up week after week but in all my years in preparing boxes I can honestly say I have never heard that feedback from my shoppers! There’s only one way to find out ;)

Some produce delivery services will charge a lot for a box of produce that allows you to create a few main meals. Some will only include one bunch of leafy greens for the entire week?! Most of these services will also use poor quality conventional produce and lure shoppers in with their recipe cards. Pre-made meal deliveries or "convenience food" that you heat up and eat is not the way forward for a healthy, vibrant lifestyle and all the packaging, eek! 

Our boxes are great value for money, I’ve created the produce contents with your week in mind. Many shoppers manage to eat at home every night of the week with the seasonal box options and brought their produce to work as well. You'll also become more confident and inspired in the kitchen by receiving and using such great tasting variety of produce!

A Miss Organic seasonal produce box is the perfect start to a healthy week. You’ll receive a range of the classic, in season produce as well as delicious, unique items you may not have thought of buying but you’re sure to enjoy them too. It’s like opening up a surprise gift every Monday. Oh and we only deliver on Mondays because this is when our organic produce is at its freshest and best.

Do you want to experience the health and performance enhancing benefits of eating fresh organically grown fruit and veg? We love to vary the produce you eat for the continual excitement and enthusiasm you’ll have for preparing your meals at home (almost always healthier than eating out!) and the nutritional benefits that come from eating a wide variety of in season, local, fresh and always organic produce. Of course you will always receive the classics but you’ll be informed on other fruits and vegetables that you will really love too.

Every week shoppers will receive an email outlining the produce you received and some meal suggestions too but if you still don’t know what a fruit or veggie is, send a photo and I’ll help you out! Organic food has also been shown to have more health benefits than the detrimental effects of conventionally grown produce. Find out why we choose certified organic only here.

Health is our greatest asset and I created Miss Organic to share the incredible benefits that I’ve received from changing my diet and lifestyle to inspire you to be healthy and happy and give you the ingredients to do so! I know you'll love our mixed produce boxes and I'm looking forward to sharing healthy food with you soon.
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A few examples of previous boxes
Energy Boxes in Week 1: bananas, brocolli, green capsicum, carrots, rainbow chard, sweet corn, cucumbers, red grapes, kales, lemons, lettuce, limes, mushrooms, red onion, oranges, potatoes, butternut pumpkin, rocket, tomatoes, zucchini, gala apples. 

Raw boxes in Week 1: apples, bananas, carrots, cherry tomatoes, celery, chard, corn, cucumber, grapes, kale, fancy & cos lettuce, limes, mushrooms, pears, rocket, silverbeet, zucchini, cherry guava, tomatoes. 

Vitality Boxes week 2: baby kale, zucchini, cherry guava, mangosteen, tomatoes, sweet potato, rocket, blue pumpkin, potatoes, pears, mushrooms, lettuce, kale, red capsicum, celery, cucumbers, garlic, beetroot bunch, carrots, onion, grapes, persimmons, plums.