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Recipe Ideas with Seasonal Produce

I like enjoying and eating simple food that doesn’t require much preparation, tastes good and makes me feel great. Thankfully organic ingredients are delicious in their most simple form. Most of the time my meals don’t take much planning and involve whatever grabs my attention when I open the fridge or pantry which I always make sure is bursting with healthy food, then either chop, grate, steam, bake or roast, throw onto a plate or bowl and eat up.

For many of the recipes I share, the ingredient quantities are up to you, depending on how many people you’re serving, the ingredients you have in your home and how hungry you are. This is why they are called recipe ideas ;) just simple ways to enjoy great, healthy organic food.

Miss Organic Smoothie

This is my go to smoothie recipe. I love the flavours and the way it makes me feel. In 2009 I first came across Victoria Boutenko and the “Green Smoothie Challenge” which involved drinking one green smoothie every morning and just eating whatever else you would usually for the rest of the day. Doing this for two weeks kicked off my addiction to leafy green vegetables and eating more salads and raw foods. This ‘challenge (although I found it more enjoyable than a challenge!) has also been known to help people reduce or eliminate peoples’ coffee consumption, make better choices by eating healthier and more whole foods every day and therefore has helped many improve their wellbeing! 

I enjoy it either before or after training. Sometimes I add some coconut milk, sometimes just water. Depends on how I’m feeling!


Bananas – as many as you feel like
Dates – a few
Kale, Spinach or Silverbeet – a handful of whichever one you have
Water – depending on consistency you enjoy.

Method: Blend and drink it up! I usually have peeled and frozen bananas on hand and use a few for a cold and creamy smoothie. The coconut milk also makes it thicker and more dense. You can use coconut water or filtered water instead. 

Brussel Sprouts
These are so fresh and continuing last week’s theme, I encourage you to try a fruit or veg you would usually baulk at because it tastes so different when organic and fresh (this was the case for many shoppers last week with our cabbage)!

Place a splash of olive or coconut oil, celtic sea salt, pepper, squeeze of lemon and garlic in a bowl. Trim the stems, quarter the sprouts, mix ingredients together and roast in the oven. I usually roast alongside my potatoes or sweet potatoes.

You can also steam then add seasoning like tamari, salt pepper or lemon afterwards or sauté in a pan with a touch of oil and seasoning for a few minutes until slightly browned then add a small amount of water and cook until it evaporates.

Bok Choy (and broccoli!)

How delicious, crunchy and cute are the bok choy bunches this week? I’ve already eaten my bunch last night. I chopped it up in small pieces along with half a small head of broccoli – please include the stems of both veggies, they are crunchy, delicious and nutritious! Add to a pot with a big splash of boiling water. Mix around until leaves have softened. I like my broccoli to remain a little crunchy. Top with sesame seeds and tamari. Bonus flavour addition, first saute mushrooms with garlic. Yum! One of our shoppers Marilyn enjoyed this combo with brown rice, coconut yoghurt and kim chi.


The persimmons in our boxes this week are the non astringent variety which means you can eat them whilst firm. I like to eat them cool from the fridge. Be mindful of the seeds! Some slice them and eat with leafy salads too.


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