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Signature Boxes and Fresh Update

If you would like to experience the great taste, variety and uniqueness of our produce, I suggest trying our signature boxes. They are packed full of the best in season produce, their contents will change from week to week, depending what is ready to harvest and also what was in the box the previous week. These boxes are created with your entire week in mind and are great to share with family, housemates or enjoy yourself, when stored correctly you will get a lot of fridge time with this produce because it’s so fresh!

Over 75% of our customers shopped this way in Melbourne due to the variety, convenience, freshness, surprise element and trying new produce. We always include produce items that are easy to enjoy and prepare. You will receive new recipe ideas to inspire you weekly and we ensure these are kept simple and practical.

We have a variety of great signature boxes for you to enjoy. My favourite box choice this week is the Vitality Box. This medium size seasonal mixed box features the absolute best in fruit, veggies and herbs from our farmers. You will find all the fresh veggie favourites, seasonal fruits for meals and snacks and a wide range of leafy greens that you'll really enjoy (see below for more about our greens!). 

The Raw boxes are perfect for when you are constantly on the go and still want to prepare really great meals in a hurry and have lots of healthy snacks. All items in this box can be eaten without cooking, either chopping up and putting in a bowl and enjoying as salads, making smoothies, bircher muesli or just grab and go snacks!


I love all of the produce that we will be receiving from our farmers but here are few of my favourites for this week:

  • Silverbeet and Rainbow Chard: two incredibly healthful leafy greens. Use them as you would spinach leaves, chop them up for steaming, stir fries, salads, soups, smoothies and so on. They are my absolute favourite leaves. These bunches are great value for money, they are large and can be stretched over a fair few meals and also stay fresh for a long time in the fridge.
  • Kale: we have three varieties available to us. Kale is one leaf I stopped eating on returning to Sydney four years ago and I realised why after enjoying the kale from our growers. By the time I bought and ate it, it was no longer fresh and had a very bitter taste. You won’t have that issue with our kale it is so fresh and grown by incredible local organic farmers. I find our kale quite sweet! 
  • Rocket another green I stopped eating a while ago and realised it was mainly due to the freshness and quality, my wonderful farmer Eden grows the best rocket I’ve ever tasted (arugula for you Americans!). 

Most green leafy vegetables you buy at organic retailers in Sydney will come from farms in Victoria (Coolibah and Mornington Fresh). Not at Miss Organic! I will ensure we provide you with local greens because it’s fresher, healthier, TASTIER, better for our environment and my farmers are legends who practice sustainable, nutritious growing methods.

All of our fruit is incredible, I love the new season apples coming in, I could eat apples all day every day at the moment. Shop by the Item

Make sure you have a look around our pantry collection for great additions to your healthy meals including herbs and spices, nuts, seeds, grains, oils and more!

We have been able to extend order cut off for this week only to Saturday 1pm. Please ensure your produce list is submitted by then. 

We look forward to delivering the best and freshest to your door on Monday!
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