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The True Costs of Conventional Farming

There are many things we can do to look after our bodies and the planet and I believe the simplest way we can make a positive impact is through the choices we make three times a day when we eat.

Many think that going organic is expensive because they compare the end price at check out to the conventional shopping price tag. True organic produce is a completely different ‘product’ grown in healthy soil and conditions and without the harmful chemicals. You can usually see, smell and taste the difference too. We also don’t factor in the cost later to our wellbeing, the animals we share the planet with and the environmental impact and costs when we choose conventional produce over organic.

When it comes to our food choices, their impact on our health and those around us, it’s important to be informed about what we are agreeing to when we choose non-organic, conventional, ‘spray free’ or ‘clean 15’ produce and it is so important for me to share the reasons why I choose organic over these farming methods and marketing tags. I have found it helpful to observe and question these practices and follow the process from seed to plate in order to make better, healthier choices for myself and offer these solutions to others.

Switching to organic and eliminating the chemicals from my body and home has greatly improved my health and my life. I have spent eleven years learning and sharing the information that has led myself, my family and friends, so many others in our community and even mainstream scientific studies to realise that eating organic fresh food is the way forward for our health and a sustainable future.

We do not exist separately from the environment in which we live. Healthy soil and plants equal healthy humans and animals. If the food we consume is polluted, we become polluted. I care so much about our health, the environment and the animals who we share this planet with, that it is so important for me to share the impact that eating non organic food has on all of these elements.

It makes no sense to me to consume food that has been treated (in an unregulated manner) with pesticides, herbicides and fungicides that are known to cause nervous system disruption, cause cancer, genetic damage and designed and used to kill life.

When conventional farmers treat the soil and the produce with chemicals it cannot simply be washed off with water or special soaps. It becomes part of the soil and the plant. It stays in our food.

Farmers have to wear protective suits, masks and gloves to handle these substances and the fact that we are consuming these chemicals every time we sit down to a conventional meal concerns me. How is it not safe to touch these chemicals and farmers need to post warning and danger signs when treating their land and crops, yet {pow} magic, they’re ok to ingest when they land on the supermarket and green grocer shelves. Conventional produce can be dyed and chemically treated to increase shelf life as well.

There are chemicals routinely used on Australian conventional farms eg. Organophosphates that are banned in other countries for their detrimental impacts on human health. These pesticides attack insects’ nervous systems, causing instant death. What is safe exposure for a chemical like this? Would we drink or eat those toxic insect sprays that some people still carry in their homes? When we consume conventional foods on a daily basis the toxins accumulate in our bodies over time with repeated exposure they will impact our health. These chemicals have also been shown to have a detrimental impact on farmers’ health.

Glyphosate the widely-used chemical found in Roundup a known carcinogen has been linked to kidney disease, birth defects, Parkinson’s disease, cancer, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and many other health issues.

Conventional farming chemicals are routinely found in food, contaminate drinking water, our lakes, rivers, oceans and animals and has caused environmental degradation worldwide.

When we choose organic we’re voting for nutrient dense, chemical free food, environmental conservation and restoration, respect and consideration to wildlife and the health of other people including our farmers who are out there on the front line helping us live healthfully.

Organic produce farming in Australia has grown incredibly in the past 11 years since I first joined the community. Farmers have become aware of the enormous benefits not only to their wellbeing and the consumers’ health by switching to organic practices but the long term sustainability of their farms. When we demand organic produce, more farmers will lean towards this sustainable method of farming.

It’s hard to deny the benefits of eating organic food and keeping the chemicals out of your body and home! Many people have noticed great changes by making the organic switch in a matter of days, weeks and months increasing mineral, vitamin and antioxidant intake and eliminating pesticides and other harmful chemicals. This includes immune system boosting, improved eyesight, reducing or eliminating inflammation, improved digestion, improved skin appearance and glow, and overall health improvement. Organic fresh food also tastes incredible so it makes it easier for our community to enjoy a greater variety of veggies and fruits by being organic!

I believe in the power of organic fruit and vegetables. Are you with me?