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Welcome to Miss Organic Sydney

Welcome to the new home of Miss Organic! I am thrilled to be launching in Sydney and looking forward to delivering you the freshest, finest quality organics and sharing practical ideas for living healthfully.

It is my passion to share the enormous health benefits I have received from changing the way I eat and what I do on a daily basis to improve my wellbeing. I have been eating organically for eleven years and I am always learning, improving and being inspired by others in our community. Miss Organic began in Melbourne in 2008 and I am glad to be back doing what I love in my hometown and contributing to a healthier community, for our health and happiness, future generations, the animals and our environment.

When I discuss organic fresh produce in Sydney, many people tell me they have bought food from organic stores and supermarkets and they have been disappointed with the freshness and quality. I can assure you that you can’t get much fresher than Miss Organic produce, you will definitely notice the difference especially with our leafy green vegetables which are grown locally in comparison to most organic stores who sell greens from interstate even though they’re available locally. I always choose locally grown however some produce e.g. bananas are still from Australia however not exactly local ;). All produce is definitely Australian grown. I take great care in sourcing the best food, you won’t receive anything in your order that I wouldn’t eat and enjoy myself.

There are many organic food businesses telling you they’re “organic where possible” or they put “clean 15” (aka conventional) produce in your produce boxes however I want you to know what you're really eating and the farming methods used to grow your food. I will only select from the best farmers with high standards and sound farming principles. I can guarantee it’s ALWAYS possible to provide you with fresh certified organic food. The shopping section includes items that I use at home with a focus on consuming predominantly fresh food, wholefoods and very minimally processed foods with no refined sugar and using products that are kinder to our bodies, other beings and the planet.

Let us know if you or family members have food allergies when placing your order. We are obviously egg and dairy free and we handle nuts separately to all other foods in a separate area and take all measures to avoid cross contamination. We use separate boxes for those with allergies. 

Each week I will share recipes that I have enjoyed, some info about where your food is from and upcoming events so make sure you add yourself to the community on the homepage. You’ll also find out a lot more about why it’s so important and beneficial to eat organic whole foods in 2018.

The delivery area is fluid at this stage as we will grow organically ;) so if you don’t see your suburb and would like a delivery, contact us and we will try make it happen. Alternatively we have a pick up option too so you don't miss out!

First delivery day: Monday 12th March.
Order cut off Friday 9th March at 5pm.

Please note that order cut off each week is Friday 5pm so your produce can be picked and prepared for Monday delivery.

I look forward to helping you make your life fresher, healthier and more enjoyable with fresh, organic food!