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The most enjoyable, diverse and most nutritious seasonal boxes you will experience from any produce box service!

Miss Organic's signature boxes offer a variety of fresh, seasonal organic fruit, vegetables and herbs. The bigger the box, the larger the variety and quantity of produce. If you're unsure, contact us for a suggestion. This is your big fresh shop that will last you at least the week and probably more and you'll be pleased with the quality of fruits and vegetables we've chosen for your enjoyment!

These boxes provide you with the opportunity to try different foods while enjoying the classics but if you have any particular likes or dislikes please let us know at checkout (limit to three). 

They're higher priced than your average seasonal box because we are providing enough food for you to feed yourselves properly and nutritiously, they're great value. This will reduce visits to the store, restaurants and take away meals therefore saving you money and you'll feel healthier for it too! They're also filled with ultra fresh produce which will last a lot longer than store bought produce. 

All of our produce is certified organic. We don't compromise on quality or ethics. Our produce is so fresh and from incredible farmers with ethical, environmentally friendly farming practices. Click on each box for more information! We don’t store produce until it’s ordered which is why we don't offer same day service, so you can be assured that everything is fresh when it arrives to you.

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