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Why Eat Organic Fresh Food? 

There are many reasons why eating organically grown plant foods is so important and beneficial for our health, the animals and our planet. All food delivered from Miss Organic is certified organic 100% of the time! We believe in the superpowers of fresh organic food and your wellbeing is our priority. 

I talk to our farmers and regularly visit organic farms to learn more about how our food is grown and the differences between true organic and conventional farming practices. I am in awe and forever grateful to the farmers who grow our food. Here are ten reasons why I choose organic over conventional fresh food. 

1) Organic food production avoids the use of all synthetic chemicals including pesticides, fungicides, herbicides. It does not pose the risk of soil and underground water contamination like conventional farming which uses artificial fertilisers and pesticides, so growing organically is a more environmentally friendly and sustainable way of farming.

2) True organic food is grown without the use of harmful chemicals which have been shown to cause a wide range of health issues. The main causes of illness are said to be due to toxicity and deficiency. In many cases when consumers have changed from conventional to organic, symptoms of illness and disease have reduced or been eliminated.

3) Organic farmers look after and nourish the soils which is the foundation of the plant growth. A healthy soil means healthy, nutritious produce for our bodies. Conventional farming methods disregard this important requirement and so the produce is more prone to attack and disease (and therefore require regular chemical treatment). The usage of chemicals in conventional farming is not regulated.

4) Chemicals used in conventional farming are so toxic and health threatening that farmers are encouraged to wear protective suits when spraying and treating the crops and many become ill from working in these farms. Conventional farming places these chemicals in our soils, waterways and air and this pollution affects all life forms.

5) Research has shown that organic fresh food is more nutrient dense and comes without the chemical residues present in conventional produce.

6) Organic fresh produce tastes better! You can find this out by doing a side by side test. This is why top chefs choose organic over conventional, it keeps the diners coming back for more.

7) By consuming organic fresh produce we are more connected with nature’s rhythm and it is optimal nutritionally to eat with the seasons for your health. (e.g. no mangoes or cherries in Winter or apples in Summer until late January!)

8) Organic farming cultivates nature’s complex relationships among different species of plants and animals. It is a production system that promotes ecological balance and conserves biodiversity. They consider their impact on plants and animals. If you walk onto an organic farm you will notice the presence of wildlife particularly birdlife. The organic farm is clearly a more attractive habitat for life!

9) Chemicals used in conventional farming are systemic, they are absorbed by the produce when grown so when you wash produce it doesn’t simply wash the chemicals away. Farmers routinely treat the soil with chemicals prior to seeds and seedlings are planted.

10) Organic farmers restore soil fertility through management techniques including companion planting and crop rotation and focus on a high nutrition and good soil pH level for sustainable long term use. The rule of the land in organic fresh produce farming is that you put back in more than you take out.